Rules and regulation

We will highly appreciate your cooperation in abiding by these rules and regulations, whose aim is to ensure peaceful and safe stay for our Guests:

1. In case of cancellation of the booked stay, the deposit is non-refundable.

2. Payment for the stay must be paid before or at the time of arrival.

3. If the Guest decides to shorten his / her stay (later arrival and / or early departure), the total price of stay will not change.

4. Lack of Guest arrival and the contact from his side on the agreed date of arrival will result in releasing the apartment for re-booking the next hotel day.

5. Reservation of stay is equal to acceptance of this rule by Guest/s.

6. The Guest is obliged to present a photo ID confirming the identity of the adult Guest/s at the time of check-in and to fill in the registration card.

7. Stay-keepers, advisers providing any information related to the stay are available under the following phone numbers: 661 603 601 or 696 082 852.

8. Apartments are rented for hotel days. Minimum length of stay during summer season (June-August) is six hotel days, out of season - 3 hotel days.

9. A hotel day starts at 4:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends at 10:00 a.m. of the following day. Failure to check out by 10:00 p.m. will result in an additional fee for extending a hotel day. A charge for the extension until 4:00 p.m. amounts to 50% of the daily fee, after 4:00 p.m. the we will charge for an additional hotel day.

10. During summer season arrivals should take place on Sunday and departures on Saturdays. For Arrivals outside of the hours of accommodation, ie 22.00 - 7.00 is a subject to an extra charge of PLN 100.00.

11. Wishes to extend stay the Guest should report before 10.00 a.m. on the day the apartment is due. It will be fulfilled as far as possible.

12. Guest cannot hand over an apartment to third persons, even if the period for which the Guest paid has not yet expired.

13. Persons who are not checked in the apartment may stay in it from 07:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m.

The lights-out period starts at 10:00 p.m. and ends at 07:00 a.m. of the following day.

14. Organizing of all kinds of parties in the apartment is forbidden. In case of of breaking the ban the Guest is obliged to pay a penalty of PLN 1000.00.

15. Conduct of Guests and their visitors should not disturb the peaceful stay of other Guests.

16. Landlord accepts Guests traveling with pets. Only one pet is allowed per apartment for an extra charge of PLN 50.00 per hotel day and the Guest bears full responsibility for any damage caused by their pet. Pets must be leashed in common areas.

17. When leaving the apartment, Guests are expected to check whether the door is properly locked.

Loss of a apartment card/key is subject to an extra charge of PLN 50.00 per piece. Loss of a remote control for gates is subject to an extra charge of PLN 150.00 per piece.

18. Smoking in apartment and common areas of the building is prohibited. Violation of the prohibition is subject to an extra charge of PLN 200.00 for refreshing / room.

19. Water heaters, electric heaters and other similar devices which are not a part of the apartment’s equipment are not allowed to be used inside the apartment due to the fire safety. The above mentioned does not apply to chargers and power supplies and computer equipment.

20. Guest bears financial liability for damaging or destroying the apartment's equipment and technical devices due to his/her own fault or due to the fault of his/her visitors and is obliged to immediately inform the stay-keeper about any damages that occurred in the apartment.

21. Children must be supervised by adults throughout the stay. Children's legal guardians are responsible for children's behaviour, including damages and / or devastation.

22. Personal belongings left by Guests in the apartment upon leaving shall be sent to the address indicated by Guests, at their expense. If Guests will not ask to send them back they will be stored for one month.

23. The landlord is not liable for damage or loss of a car or other vehicle parked in the parking area at the premises and / or the estate.

24. Generated waste should be segregated into fractions for ex.: plastics, metals, glass, paper and cardboard and municipal waste in accordance with markings on waste containers.

25. Whenever leaving the premises, the Guest should check if the gate and / or entrance gate is properly closed.

26. The landlord may refuse to provide further services the Guests who violated Rules and Regulations.

27. Guest is obliged to keep the apartment in a condition of cleanliness, furniture and household appliances / audio / video devices at the beginning of the stay. Violation of this arrangement is subject to an extra charge of PLN 200.00 for the cost of cleaning the apartment.

28. Without the prior written consent of the Landlord, photos and films made in the apartment showing its equipment cannot be made public. It’s applicable in particular to the placement of photos or videos on internet portals and social media.

29. The landlord may refuse to accept the Guest who violated Rules and Regulations during the last stay.

30. The landlord is obliged to ensure privacy. Every Guest provides its consent to processing their personal information for the purposes of checking in and placing its data in the database of O-PROJEKT Katarzyna Ożarek. The Guest has the right to review and correct its personal data.